The Social Role

Preserving Assets and Fulfilling Rights

An eagerness for justice and its quick delivery is an essential drive of infath’s surge for excellence. Thus, the importance of positive social impacts resulting from infath’s work is manifested. Such impacts are tangible in many areas, including the judicial system, individuals (creditors and debtors), and the public interest.
Social impacts on the judicial system include speeding up the enforcement of judgments, fulfillment of rights, completion of supportive and procedural work, integration of the judicial system, easing the burden on judges, and reducing judicial disputes.
Social impacts on individuals (creditors and debtors) include protecting debtors in cases of bankruptcy and fulfilling the rights of creditors and employees.
Social impacts on public interest include the continuity of basic public services, the continuity of activities of social importance, improvements in the level of services provided, and the strengthening of social trust in the efficiency of financial security.       


The Judicial Role

Integration with the Judicial System

The Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath) was established as an administratively and financially independent government center. Its Board of Directors is headed by the Minister of Justice, with membership comprised of government and private sector representatives. The Center intends to be an integral part of the justice eco-system and to achieve its visions and goals pursuant to Vision 2030. Accordingly, the Center plays a vital role as one of the National Transformation Program initiatives in developing government work and safeguarding performance, establishing the necessary infrastructure, meeting the infrastructure’s requirements in terms of judicial services, and improving the quality of service provided. Additionally, the Center will strive to enhance the quality of services provided to citizens and stimulate promising economic endeavors, especially to the private sector, which provides judicial services under the direct supervision of the Center, to ensure the quality and efficiency of performance and expedite the delivery of justice to beneficiaries.

Economic Opportunities

Entrustment of specialized entities and licensed professionals from the business sector

Promoting the economy and improving the GDP is one of infath’s main objectives. Thus, the positive economic impacts of infath’s work are manifested in the government, the people (job seekers), and the private sector.
infath played a role in activating frozen assets and returning them to the economic cycle. Additionally, it continuously strives to achieve the economic indicators of Vision 2030. It is worth noting that the e-competition, through online auctions, has enabled all areas of Saudi Arabia to participate in promoting the local economy.
At the governmental level, a number of economic impacts are realized and felt including raising the efficiency of spending of governmental entities, organizing liquidation and sales activities of government property, protecting and maintaining resources and assets of government entities, increasing the revenues of government entities, as well as non-oil revenues, and improving technological efficiency. 
At the level of individuals (job seekers), a number of economic gains were introduced to the market, including generating job opportunities, as well as introducing new and promising specialties to ambitious students.     
At the private sector level, many economic impacts are achieved, including improving the performance of the private sector, increasing the contributions of small and medium enterprises to the GDP, creating new job opportunities, adopting regulations for private sector activities, and reconstructing bankruptcy businesses.    

  • Sales Agents
  • Judicial Custodians
  • Judicial Storekeepers
  • Evaluators
  • Engineers
  • Legal Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Administrative advisors