About infath

Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath) is an independent governmental center, seeking to build cooperation between the judicial and governmental entities in areas of liquidations, sales and other assets that are not subjected to a current legal dispute.
We process liquidation through commissioning and supervising specialized entities from the private sector.
We aim at contributing in preserving assets’ values, speeding up the process of rights fulfillment, and achieving the judicial and economic value.

The Center was established to keep pace with the current Saudi development in the legal and economic structures. One of its main objectives is to become the primary and specialized hub of expertise in liquidations and sales activities.

infath contributes in stimulating the local economy by providing numerous and fair opportunities to the entrepreneurs, and service providers in particular, as infath represents one of National Transformation Program 2020 initiatives that enhances the government performance and judicial efficiency, in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030.

infath aims at resolving one of the key current challenges of the judicial authorities, represented in the lack of a technical supervisory body specialized in liquidations and sales activities, which enforces judicial enforcement of Saudi Arabia. This lack has led to delayed enforcement of judgments and rights of beneficiaries, as well as affecting the value of assets.


To serve justice and stimulate economy, by capitalizing on knowledge and technology to preserve the value of assets and to fulfill rights.


To liquidate assets, either movable or fixed, provide advisory services, and build effective partnerships with the government and private sectors, which will contribute to fulfillment of rights and serving justice to all parties involved.


Through its five values, infath endeavors to strengthen its connection with partners, cultivate communications, and foster a one-team mindset. These aspirations will ensure the success, sustainability, and growth of all deliverables while fulfilling justice for all beneficiaries.
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