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Welcome to the recruitment portal of infath
By joining Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath), you will be a part of an entity that devotes all efforts to one noble goal, which is to speed-up the process of right fulfillment and to preserve the value of assets; ensuring that justice is served. At infath, we work as one team as we support and enhance each other’s career. We will provide you with an attractive work environment that puts creativity at the top of its priorities.

When you join infath, we ensure you that your work will not be limited to performing tasks and completing projects. We believe in the importance of the supportive values that enrich the work environment, and we accomplish that through:

• Enhancing employee welfare.
• Activating social initiatives.
• Group training.
• Working according to best practices.

infath is keen on recruiting fresh graduates as well as experienced people from various fields.

For more information and to apply, please send your resume to careers@infath.gov.sa.