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Chartered Accountants

Chartered accounting is defined as structures and methods that are used to record, analyze, summarize and classify financial transactions for an individual or company, in order to ensure the reliability of the entity's financial statements. Such services include:

Accounting advisory services

which aims to provide assistance to clients with regard to economic activities, whether administrative, financial or other.

Accounting services

It aims at guiding clients to measure events and financial conditions that property or facilities may be exposed to, including maintaining complete records of operations as well as measurement results in the form of financial reports provided to beneficiaries.


To ensure accuracy of the information provided in the financial statements.
Chartered accountants provide their advisory and administrative services to the Center’s clients, as well as auditing and account services for all financial data to ensure their accuracy and reliability. These data represent a key pillar in decision-making to evaluate different principles, expected return, and costs from liquidation activities.
In an effort to raise market performance standards, the Center will adhere to the standards approved by the official authorities for service providers, provided that the chartered accountant must have a license from Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants.

You can utilize and develop your professional expertise as a service provider by registering with us through the service provider’s registration page