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Judicial Custodians

The judicial storekeeper approved by Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath) is a professional firm or company that provides services of assets storage of all kinds. Judicial storekeeping is one of the procedures that the Center uses at the request of the litigants as a precautionary measure to protect assets from any complications that may occur during the liquidation process, as well as to limit losses. The reasons for storing requests vary depending on the case.
The Center utilizes the market’s expertise to preserve the value of assets and speed-up the process of rights fulfillment. Judicial storekeeping is considered to be a major role in the liquidation process, giving that assets must be stored with high quality measures, in order to preserve their values. infath contributes to activate the partnership with the private sector in the field of assets storage, aiming to achieve national development objectives by developing and improving the performance of the private sector in matters like job creation and enhancing private sector performance.  

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