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Judicial Storekeepers

Judicial custody is one of the procedures that the judge uses at the request of the litigants, such as a dispute regarding joint shares. This procedure is a precautionary measure to protect assets from any complication that may occur from the dispute. The judicial custodian is defined as delegating the trust of a disputed asset or assets. This include may include both storage and management, depending on the type of asset being liquidated. 
The main goal of Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath) is to preserve the value of assets and speed-up rights fulfilment. Judicial custody plays a key role in the liquidation process, as it’s mostly the first step of most assets’ legal disputes. Such procedure is meant to lift the burden of liquidations and sales activities from judges, and to achieve a solid cooperation between the Center and the judicial authorities, by assigning these activities to technically specialized entities in the field of judicial custody. This cooperation contributes in achieving national development objectives by developing and improving the performance of the private sector in matters like job creation and enhancing private sector performance.

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