The main objective of liquidations is to end ongoing operations; aiming at settling all rights and debts to determine the net amount of assets that will be divided to related parties after settling debts and obligations towards others. Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath) will work as a hub of expertise that will support and supervise all activities related to liquidations, such as: liquidation of movable and immovable assets, appointing experts and service providers, and overseeing auctions.

infath liquidates inheritances, companies, funds and contributions. It also liquidates assets that are provided to it either by judicial and government entities, or by private sector and individuals, through commissioning and supervising technically specialized entities from the private sector. By doing so, the Center aims at speeding up the process of rights fulfillment and maximizing the value of assets. 

Liquidation operations are divided into:

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Liquidation of Public Properties

Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath) contributes to raising the efficiency of government spending, working as a hub of expertise in overseeing liquidations operations of all types of assets and auctions. The Center also provides advisory services for related parties, by activating the partnership with the private sector as it’s involved through the whole process.
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Judicial Liquidation

Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath) aims to achieve a robust cooperation with the judicial authorities in liquidations and sales activities by providing judicial liquidation services. The Center assigns and supervises the process of liquidation to technically specialized entities. This flow will contribute to accelerating the process of rights fulfillment after issuing judicial rulings.
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Liquidation of Private Properties:

Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath) is considered a point of contact between the government and private sectors to ensure that liquidations activities are delivered with excellent efficiency, while adhering to the privacy standards. The liquidation of private properties includes the likes of contributions, real estate, precious jewelry, and others.
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Liquidation of Individuals' Properties

As a hub of expertise, Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath) pays attention to individuals’ services related to liquidations of inheritances, companies, funds, contributions, and selling private assets and properties. The Center works in accordance with Sharia law regarding liquidating inheritances. Sharia law is the key factor in determining the principles of inheritance, and the transactions between individuals, including procedures like determination of inheritance and sorting of shares. The Center will contribute to settling these cases faster and with distinct efficiency, while adhering to the privacy standards.

Liquidations Process